Saturday, January 5, 2013

Festivals of India

Two illustrations for calendar on Pushkar Fair and Uttarayan Kite Festival which I  made for the company SkyDesign Studio, Mumbai. Done in Photoshop.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Ink & Clouds

The leisurely floating clouds
Gather over the towers.
The sky as dark as ink,
Melts down and spreads over
My sketchbook

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Characters and scenarios

Recently I have done a few scenarios and character design for Manish Saini's upcoming film Gungun. It is a story of a young boy named Gungun in a small sub-urban place and his friends. They go to see a magic show and get fascinated by the Magician thereafter. Right now, the film is in the pre-production stage. All the images are drawn and coloured digitally in Photoshop CS3.

Sunday, July 10, 2011


I look down
That is me
Sunk in the water
A vine grows from my eyes,
A flower blossom
As I spread my hands
With temptation
It cries.
"Spread your hands not!
Boatman, from where do you come?"

The temptation of
our forefather
his great gift for us
Lust and Desire;
Thus exists
The need for darkness
And the art of theft.


Nurcissus, as a mostly celebrated theme for painting is re-presented in this art work. The treatment with fine black and white lines is inspired from the pre-modern etching prints. The entire image is created in Photoshop.

"I see not only the eye of an other; I see also that he looks at me." That is, what is SEEN is not only a thing, a dead object, but also a responding subject, an intention even. If a LOOK can be seen, then empiricism and all the reductionisms that are associated with it are destroyed. But a look CAN be seen, not only the face, but another face's glance at my face.
Jaques Derrida

Derrida quotes Scheler in his essay "Violence and Metaphysics: An Essay on the Thought of
Emmanuel Levinas”, Writing and difference.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Disposables

What we were talking about
Just before sometime
Now, there is no word, no sound
Only a white noise of radio fills the air

Just before sometime
We were sitting here,
And the bonsai orange plant grew up to a tree,
Its leaves and branches reached out of the window
And it was all orange and
An afternoon in orange colour...

Now I see you standing below the street light
The city is wrapped in dusty fog.
From my sky high balcony I look at you
And the clock, hanging from my wall,
Melts down...

Just before sometime
A ball of thread dropped from my hand
And rolled down,
Like a little girl hopping through the staircase
Enmeshing me in a web of thoughts

A spider spins a web on my window
And a yellow butterfly searching for its way out
Just got stuck…
A noisy bird sitting on the electricity wire
Flew away, just before sometime
I cannot recall its name...
Just before sometime
The smoke coiled up;
Coiled up to the sky
And in a tempest
Everything blew away.
Everything… my bed, my table, my roof...
The wind rushed in through the window
And blew away the words from my notebook
The sodden floor got littered with words...

Just before sometime
A ball of thread dropped from my hand
And rolled down the staircase,
Following you…
I did not see you leaving
I can only smell the fragrance of your absence.

From here, I see the train leaving
Like a snake going inside a tunnel
Carrying the boxes of cacophony...

What we were talking just before sometime
Please try to remember; I got nothing is in my mind
Let us try to get back to our conversation
What we were talking just before sometimes...